about andré lacaz

Upon graduating in Film Director,
has directed and edited numerous projects

Based in Barcelona

Born in Brazil, André Lacaz has and continues to live a multicultural life. He was born in Rio de Janeiro and has lived in Los Angeles, London, and currently, Barcelona, Spain as well as traveled abroad to many cities across United Kingdom, France, and Czech Republic.

Curious as a child, he experimenting with film, in the high school that he discovered and embraced her passion for storytelling in the art of filmmaking. In the 2002, he began her undergraduate film studies at University Estacio de Sa I Rio de Janeiro focusing in Film Direction. During that period directing several short films.

He studied in New York Film Academy of Los Angeles, and he worked in Universal Studios for 1 year. He also has a formation in London Film Academy. Upon graduating in Film Director, André has directed and edited numerous projects (features and shorts), documentaries, series, promotional, commercial and corporate videos. Although he has had many accomplishments thus far, he continues to challenge himself to become an excellent filmmaker while continuing her pursuit to become a director for major motion pictures.

Clearly, André is Art, Energy and Commitment. He has the unique gift of vision and talent to convert her mental lens-imagery to film.

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Representing the best in cinematography,
color grading, motion graphics and video editing.

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C/ Enamorats, 15
Barcelona 08013

+ 34 931 72 06 76